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Sustainable Food & Land Use

The Issue

We humans need access to fresh, local, sustainably-grown food, and access to open space for recreation to nourish our bodies and minds. Illinois ranks 49th among states for the percent of land remaining in native vegetation. Nine percent of people in the Chicago Metro region live in areas without close access to a grocery store. Less than half of the people in the Chicago Metro region have access to adequate parks and open space.

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Ensure communities have access to the food, shelter, and open space that they need to thrive. Check out our programs below.

Just Eating Curriculum

Native & Vegetable 


Program Impact

In 2020, Faith in Place


  • Gave $150k in support to Houses of Worship providing emergency COVID-19 food relief

  • Hosted virtual nature walks and yoga

  • Listened to Migration Stories from around the world

The Program's 2019 Impact

254,760 lbs. of food harvested from 4 CSAs

63,800 lbs. of CSA produce donated to charity

788 people attended nature outings

3,060 people attended indoor winter farmers markets

$54,774 of revenue was generate for local vendors by hosting winter farmers markets