Green Teams

Stone Temple

Stone Temple Baptist Church's Green Team created a community peace garden, teaching about gardening and providing a safe space for celebrating together. 

Green Team Pic.png

Green Teams are groups of 3 or more people from a House of Worship who provide cooperative leadership to educate, connect, and advocate for healthier communities. 

Green Teams meet regularly to connect your faith community’s spiritual practices and traditions with solutions for climate change and other environmental justice issues. Green Teams educate their members, motivate their faith community to incorporate environmental consciousness into all activities, and celebrate accomplishments.


Faith in Place Outreach Staff work alongside the Green Team to put our programs into action. Faith in Place will provide you a Green Team Coach upon declaring yourself a Green Team. This coach will serve as a mentor to your group, and will keep you updated with programs and opportunities for Earth care in your area. They will reach out at least twice a month and attend your meetings and events as their availability allows. Coaches can help you create goals, and connect you to resources, all at no financial cost.


Check out our free curricula and tool kits for Green Teams to use in their faith community. 

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We have 140 Green Teams across the state of Illinois.  Check out our Green Team Directory here.

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