Empowering Youth Environmental Leaders

Interested in a Summer Job Opportunity through the Eco-Ambassador Program?

This summer's theme is "Rooted for Healing" and will explore different ways to heal ourselves, communities, and ecosystems through practices such as forest therapy, artistic expression, and sustainable living.



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Faith in Place empowers environmental education to youth leaders (ages 14-18) from across Illinois to become environmental justice leaders. The program brings leaders from diverse fields to connect and educate with youth. Youth also complete leadership project using their skills, from dance to architecture, to care for our shared lands. 

Faith in Place has not only been inspirational to me, but also given me confidence knowing I can make a difference. Before I only thought I was just one person and couldn't make a change even if I did try. After being an Eco-Ambassador with Faith in Place for three summers, I now know I have the power to effect change in my community and the world.

-Jaylnn Webb, Eco-Ambassador Alumna, Trinity United Church of Christ

Environmental Youth Leadership


Youth in the Eco-Ambassador program complete leadership projects.


Check out 2020 Eco-Ambassador, Lailah Cabell's final project. Lailah partnered with the program coordinator to create a dance performance that interprets our need to protect our water sources. The performance takes place on a beach in Chicago and ends with a call to action.