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Empowering Youth Environmental Leaders

About the Eco-Ambassador Youth Program

Faith in Place offers environmental education to youth leaders (ages 14-18) from across Illinois, empowering them to become environmental justice leaders. The program brings leaders from diverse fields to connect and educate with youth. Youth also complete leadership project using their skills, from dance to architecture, to care for our shared lands. 

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Make Environmental Higher Education Possible

Support youth pursuing environmental higher education by donating to the Veronica Kyle Eco-Ambassador College Scholarship Program. 

This fund was created to honor the empowering impact of our Modern Elder Veronica Kyle on youth with historically limited access to nature and environmental careers. Learn more about the Scholarship Fund.

Summer Youth

2023 - 2024

Eco-Ambassador Program

New Program Coordinator Certificate Program Honors First Graduates!

The Youth Empowerment team at Faith in Place launched a new program in February 2022 called the Program Coordinator Certificate Program! This certification teaches past and present youth leaders and Eco-Ambassador alumni what it takes to become a program coordinator for an environmental organization like Faith in Place.

The team is excited to celebrate our first six graduates!

  • Kimberly Wilborn

  • Jalynn Webb

  • Troy Dotson

  • Lisa Rodriguez

  • Sydney Guillory

  • Tiara Bullock

Youth Gardening

Faith in Place has not only been inspirational to me, but also given me confidence knowing I can make a difference. Before I only thought I was just one person and couldn't make a change even if I did try. After being an Eco-Ambassador with Faith in Place for three summers, I now know I have the power to effect change in my community and the world.

-Jaylnn Webb, Eco-Ambassador Alumna, Trinity United Church of Christ

Youth Leadership Projects


Youth in the Eco-Ambassador program complete leadership projects.


Check out 2020 Eco-Ambassador, Lailah Cabell's final project. Lailah partnered with the program coordinator to create a dance performance that interprets our need to protect our water sources. The performance takes place on a beach in Chicago and ends with a call to action.

Eco-Ambassadors are self-published authors! 

“Growing up, I was never really taught about the coal plant or our Superfund sites in school and feel like it is something that really needs to be taught,” Eddie said in his Clean Power Lake County bio.

I hope to connect people—especially youth—to this fight since we’re the ones that are going to be inheriting this planet.”