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Listening to Indigenous Communities

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"An apology or an acknowledgement is one thing, but  what are you going to do next?”
-President Robert Larsen of the Lower Sioux Indian Community 

Colonization, systemic racism, and violence has forcibly removed and marginalized the voices of Indigenous communities around the world. The environmental and social violence seen throughout the world embody the destructive nature of colonialism and capitalism and show the consequence of silencing the voices and wisdom of Indigenous Communities.


As we work to heal our communities and our Earth, we must center and be guided by the voices of Indigenous leaders. If their land was not forcibly taken from them, we would not be facing the environmental crises we are.


Check out resources and ideas below for some ways to get started and learn about the people native to the land where you live here. If you have recommended resources to be added to this collection, please email us.


We have included here some of our favorite books for learning about the history of Native Peoples in the United States and how they have been the foundation of the environmental justice movement for centuries. The books are linked to online local bookshops for learning more about each title and purchasing.

For more reading options, check out this comprehensive list of recommendations from First Nations Development Institute.



Included below are just a few of our favorite podcasts and episodes about Indigenous history, activism, culture, politics, and more. Check them out and listen by clicking below. ​



Support Indigenous communities by purchasing items by Native-owned shops or donating to support the work of Native-led organizations. Check out a few ideas below to get started:



Learn about the incredible work Indigenous activists are leading, and follow them on social media and in the news. Here are just a few Native activists to follow to get started:

Quannah Chasing Horse

Han Gwich’in and Oglala Lakota


Nanieezh Peter

Neetsaii Gwich’in and Diné


Winona LaDuke

Anishinaabekwe/ Ojibwe