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Native & Vegetable Gardens

Native Plant Gardens

Over the past two centuries, 99% of native prairies in the Midwest have been lost to expanding commercial agriculture and cities with exotic horticulture. The prairies, wetlands, and forests that used to provide food and habitat for butterflies, birds, insects and other species have largely disappeared.  By planting native plants, you help replace our living web of sustenance and shelter for plants and animals in our state.   

Faith in Place provides assistance and support in the sourcing and installation of regionally native and local genotype plants for numerous butterfly gardens on the properties of our faith partners throughout the state.

Want support creating a native garden for your community? Reach out and check out our free guide below.

Vegetable Garden

Access to fresh, healthy produce is a key part of building resilient communities. Not only does planting a vegetable garden increase access to veggies, it reconnects communities with the land, reduces dependence on unjust food systems, and increases food sovereignty.

Faith in Place provides guidance and support to people of faith who want to grow produce in small neighborhood gardens at their houses of worship. Such gardens provide locally grown produce and build a sense of community. They are also great spaces for spending time outdoors and educating people about healthy eating.

Want support creating a vegetable garden for your community? Reach out or download the free guide below. 

Garden Shed

Tips for Starting A Garden

1) Pick Your Garden Type

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​2) Learn How to Care for Your Plants

"Since 2009 KAM Isaiah Israel's food justice and sustainability program has grown, harvested and delivered over 17,500 pounds of produce. Previously unproductive church and synagogue lawns are now significant sources of fresh food for those in need in the community."

-Robert Nevel, Green Team Leader, KAM Isaiah Israel

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