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Tree Canopy & Workforce Community Grant

You’re Invited to Apply for up to $30,000 to Plant Trees at Your House of Worship or Community Organization! Learn more about the opportunity through Invitation for Applications. 

Faith in Place is an equal opportunity provider.

About the Opportunity

Faith in Place will distribute 65 to 85 grants, each up to $30,000, to community organizations and Houses of Worship within environmental justice communities across Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. These grants are intended for planting and maintaining trees on their properties over a four-year period. 

Learn more about the opportunity by viewing our full Invitation for Grant Proposals and checking out our FAQs.

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First Presbyterian Church

Danville, IL

"The [tree planting] project is concerned with improving air quality by planting more trees, particularly native species, because natives thrive rather than just exist." 

Church Member, Claudia Ferrell

How to Apply

Workshop Schedule

2. Apply

  • Review the Application Toolkit and gather the information needed to apply 

  • Submit eligibility questionnaire (Available Sept 1)

  • If approved, complete your application by November 21 (applications will be accepted from September 1- Nov 21, 2024). 

Check Your Eligibility to Apply

  • Legal Designation: If you are applying as an organization, you must be a 501(c)(3). If you are applying as a House of Worship, this isn’t required. 

  • Location: Your organization or House of Worship must be located in a CJEST community in Indiana, Illinois, or Wisconsin. Use the Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool and follow these instructions to check if you are. 

Application Guides and Resources


Please email if you have a question not answered here.
Can I use this grant funding to plant native gardens?

No, this funding can only support the planting and maintaining non-invasive trees and the growth of the forestry workforce.

If my organization is not in a CJEST community, can I apply for the grant?

This grant is only available for applicants whose organizational address and project address are in environmental justice communities (identified as "Disadvantaged" according to this federal mapping tool.)

Do volunteers or employees have to do all the tree maintenance?

No, you are able to utilize grant funding to pay for contractor support for the planting and maintenance of trees. 

Tree Tips and Resources

Tree Planting Tips & Resources

We invite you to use the following resources and tips when creating your planting and maintenance plan.

Call 811 Before You Dig!

Call 811 at least 72 hours before digging to ensure you won't damage utility lines.

Find you local number here.

Right Tree, Right Place

The best tree options for your property depend on where the trees will be planted. When reviewing options, consider the mature height and ensure trees are planted at least 5 feet from sidewalks, pavement, and buildings. 

Watering is Critical!

Your maintenance plan must include 10-15 gallons of watering per week per planted tree during the growing season.

Learn About Your Tree

Use the Morton Arboretums Tree Tool to Find Details on Tree Species.

Forest Trees

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Recommended Tree Planting & Maintenance Resources

Tree Planting Video
by Openlands

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Tree Planting
Guide by the
US Forest Service

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