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Tips and Tricks From Our Thriving Faith Communities on Energy Efficiency

With over 9% of US Carbon Emissions being produced in Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois alone—it’s vital that we do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, while also ensuring communities stay cool and save money.

Faith in Place has recently introduced a Thriving Faith Communities Program, which helps Houses of Worship in Indiana reduce energy use by 25% over the span of three years.

Last month, our Executive Director Rev. Brian Sauder took a trip from Illinois to Indiana to attend a Mennonite Conference. He test drove an electric car from Illinois and was able to plug it into charge at both Goshen College and Assembly Mennonite Congregation in Indiana.

Assembly Mennonite is one of 10 congregations who recently received a Thriving Faith Communities Decarbonization Grant to install their electric vehicle charger. Other grantees are implementing similar decarbonization efforts at their congregations—everything from adding insulation to old buildings and upgrading their lightbulbs, to installing new high-efficiency refrigerators and solar panels.

As we begin to navigate a hot and steamy Midwest summer, our Thriving Faith Communities are sharing “tips and tricks” for making it through the summer on a carbon and budget friendly diet. Here is what they shared:

Adjust your thermostat

Set the thermostat a couple degrees warmer than your usual comfort zone and get comfortable by wearing lighter clothing, cooking inside during cooler hours or grilling outside in the warmer months.

Check your home’s air quality

Check your air conditioner filters and replace or clean them if necessary. This will give you cleaner air and more efficient cooling.

Take advantage of your windows

Regulate your home air temperature by opening or closing windows and window shades to let the breeze cool your home.

Adjust your water

Install low-flow shower heads in your bathroom and set the temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees or lower. This helps to save both energy and water.

While making these small changes won’t solve the climate crisis overnight, they still make a positive difference and help to set a precedent that influences broader policy change over time.

It’s our Thriving Faith Communities’ mission to support their shared community in reducing their environmental impact, saving money and positively contributing to a healthier and more sustainable world. By saving energy this summer, you are reducing the load on the electrical grid and helping to foster a healthier planet for all!

Check out our Thriving Faith Communities Program and get your Indiana House of Worship involved today!

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