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Advocating for Healthier Communities

February's reflection comes from Eric Riddle, who serves at Faith in Place as Development Coordinator. Please enjoy it below and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming events.

In my creative writing practice, I stumbled upon haiku about a decade ago. I wrote this one while spending time among my raised garden beds:


Best fertilizer

Shadow of the gardener

Care of dirty hands


When asked to reflect on what inspires my work, this haiku came to mind. Why? Because in environmental work, the best solutions are often low-tech. We have to be willing to get dirty and not seek quick fixes to fulfill our aspirations.


Environmental justice invites us into a lifelong commitment and sometimes acting without knowing the impact of our efforts. I’m inspired by those who are willing to plant the seeds of justice, accepting that the fruition of the work may take generations… or may result in glorious abundance this season!


Eric Riddle

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