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Water Preservation
& Flooding Prevention

The Issue

Flooding can happen anywhere— in the suburbs, big cities, and small towns. In 2015, Illinois had the 7th highest amount of flood insurance claims in the nation. When water rushes quickly over pavement and fields instead of soaking gently into the ground, rivers and lakes are polluted by contaminants and sediment.

People living in Illinois, and particularly Cook County and Chicago, are all too familiar with the problem of basement flooding and sewer backups as a result of the sewer system being overwhelmed with waste water runoff during storms and spring snowmelt. It’s an embarrassing issue that people don’t want to talk about. It’s also a justice issue, as the areas with the most flooding are communities of color, where water infrastructure has not been properly maintained.

What You Can Do

Faith in Place works with people of faith to build solutions to the most pressing water needs in their area. By implementing our water programs, communities of faith can live out their moral obligation to maintain a clean and abundant water supply for our neighbors downstream, and prevent the disproportionate burden of flooding.

Multifaith Water Curriculum

Download Our Grandchildren's Water Curriculum
Learn how to reduce water run-off and flooding by creating a Rain Garden.
Learn about the dangers of Lead in our water and ways to take action.
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