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Finding Joy in Our Work

Photo by Wade Halva

March's reflection comes from Rev. Wade Halva, who serves at Faith in Place as Southern Illinois Senior Outreach Coordinator. Please enjoy it below and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming events. 


I picked up a camera again several years ago. Digital had suddenly made things cheaper, and it connected me with my father’s legacy, who taught me in the first place. I really wanted to get the technical aspects of photography right. Exposure, composition, and shutter speed, all carefully considered – and not giving me the results I hoped for. 

I thought about giving up. Then I remembered that taking bad (digital) pictures didn’t really cost me anything. I started taking the pictures that I wanted to capture, the things that caught my eyes, and I found more excitement, more joy, and more energy to keep on taking pictures. 

This work is like that – trying to be technically perfect can leave us frustrated with the results. Capturing the moment provides joy and hope and something to share and inspire others in the work we do together. 


Wade Halva 

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