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Connect to nature, learn how to save money on your energy bill, and more! 

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Engaging Faith in Place

Engaging Faith In Place: Covid, Climate & Racism

2020 has been tough. From dealing with the complex effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change and systemic racism, it can be hard to know how to act. Learn how Faith in Place addresses all these crises through our programs and ways to get involved during this webinar, which Isioma Odum co-hosted with Stone Temple Baptist Church.

Helping Green Teams Thrive

Helping Green Teams Thrive 

Learn what resources Faith in Place is offering Green Teams during the pandemic and how we are celebrating your incredible work! Join our Green Team Outreach Team for this inspiring gathering where Green Team leaders like you asked questions, heard what other Green Teams are doing, and learned how Faith in Place can support you during these challenging times.

How to Save Money on Your Eletric Bill

How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Learn ways to save money on your electric bill with Christina Krost. She will share ways your home can become more energy-efficient today and how to keep Illinois electric bills low in the long run.

Story Circle

Story Circle: With Veronica Kyle


Did you know there are several species including insects and birds that migrate to ensure their survival? Did you know their survival depends on the kindness of others much like our own migration?

Man Walking in Fields