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Faith in Place in the News

As people of faith who care for the Earth, we believe that we share a moral obligation to act on environmental issues.

Many people joined us a week and a half ago to watch Pope Francis’ historic address to Congress.

With the Pope advocating for an “integrated approach to combating poverty, restoring dignity to the excluded, and at the same time protecting nature” in his speech, we’ve had a lot to say recently!

We are proud to partner with and support communities of diverse faiths across the state as they live out this moral message by changing light bulbs, installing rain barrels, starting community gardens, petitioning their elected officials, and more to grow the movement for a sustainable future.

In Illinois, we have an opportunity to respond to Pope Francis’ call for economic justice and action on climate change by passing the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill.

Check out the coverage highlighting reactions to the Pope's address to Congress from members of Old St. Patrick's Catholic Church and from students at Loyola University.

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