Expanding Local and Healthy Foods through Community Incubator Kitchen Project

Has your faith community ever considered allowing local residents to use the kitchen to run small-scale food businesses, such as baking and catering?

Faith in Place is assessing opportunities to promote the production and availability of local food products in food-scarce communities as part of our environmental justice mission.

We are exploring the feasibility of Community Incubator Kitchens in Houses of Worship where members could make food products with ingredients sourced from local farms. The goal would be to expand healthy food options and create small business opportunities in the community.

A small business hard at work in an incubator kitchen
A small business hard at work in an incubator kitchen

We are meeting with groups from Houses of Worship across the South and West Sides of Chicago. The information we gather will help shape a feasibility study and help us create a “starter guide” on Community Incubator Kitchens for houses of worship across Illinois.

We would be grateful to meet with you and other leaders at your House of Worship, including clergy, church leaders and trustees, and those making use of your kitchen to prepare meals and create products for sale. Please contact us to learn more:

Veronica Kyle, Chicago Outreach Director 312-733-4640 ext. 114

Share this information with others using this PDF flyer.

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