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Install Solar Panels

Once you have conducted an energy audit and retrofitted your facility to be as energy efficient as possible, installing solar panels on the roof or property of your house of worship is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your faith community. Solar panels can harness the sun’s renewable energy through photovoltaic cells, which generate electricity to power your facility, or through solar hot water panels, which use the sun’s warmth to heat water for the building. 

Email us if you would like more information and resources on installing solar panels. We can also help connect you with other faith communities that have installed solar panels who can share their experiences.

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"Adding a solar thermal or PV system to a faith community is a great step forward in caring for creation.  It also provides an excellent opportunity to educate the members of the community on how they can incorporate solar solutions at their homes to lighten their impact on the planet."

-Mike Bullock, Green Team Leader,

St. John Nuemann Catholic Church