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Energy Audit & Retrofits

Our staff can connect you to skilled volunteers and trusted local organizations to help reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions at your house of worship and in the homes of members of your faith community.

The process starts with an energy audit, a key first step for laying out a comprehensive roadmap for energy conservation and saving money on utility bills. The audit will check for areas of opportunity in your house of worship including internal energy-use behavior changes and upgrades to heating and cooling equipment, lighting, and appliances.

Based on the findings of the audit, your house of worship will be presented with no-cost and low-cost energy-saving opportunities. Recommendations will include projects on a variety of scales, from simple, inexpensive fixes to more complex renovations. Taking action on as many recommendations as possible is a positive step for reducing your faith community’s impact on the planet.

Free Energy-Saving Products for Your Home and House of Worship

Faith in Place is pleased to connect individuals and houses of worship in Chicago and the North Shore with a free personalized energy assessment and select energy-saving products offered by Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas in partnership with ComEd. Jumpstart your savings with a free personalized energy assessment, including free and discounted energy-saving products for qualifying homes. If you are interested, please reach out to Ramont Bell.

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"Our church is one of the oldest buildings in downtown Champaign & the energy audit made possible by Faith in Place was invaluable for future planning. We cannot thank Faith in Place enough for being such a blessing as we are undergoing major renovation of our buildings at this time & the energy audit will insure our changes will be environmental friendly."

-Barbara Fuller-Curry, Environmental Stewardship Committee,

First Presbyterian Church of Champaign

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