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Co-Host a Webinar

Want to connect your community with resources and education on environmental justice, advocacy, climate change, and more? Co-host a webinar with us! We even provide a $100 stipend to co-hosts.

How To Become a Co-Host

1) Learn More: Read our Co-host FAQs to learn about the co-hosting process.

2) Pick a Topic: Decide what topic your audience is most interested in (or send us a special request). Here are the topics we normally present on:

Climate Solutions

This presentation talks about climate change and how we can reduce its impacts through energy efficiency, solar, advocacy and more.

Faithful Citizens Workshop

This presentation empowers people of faith to take political action, teaching attendees how to advocate with their representatives, how to support just climate solutions, and more!

Story Circle

This presentation uses the power of migrations stories to connect people through their migration stories. There is a featured guest (a member of your Green Team or organization) who shares their story and then guests are invited to ask questions to learn more.

Covid-19 Vaccine Education

This presentation provides a brief background on the development of the COVID-19 vaccine and offers guests times for questions about the safety and efficacy for their community. 

3) Connect: Fill out the form below and our team will be in touch!

Get in Touch

Type of workshop you want to host

Thanks for your interest in being a co-host.

We will get in touch soon.

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