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Rain Gardens

What is a Rain Garden?

Flooding can cause expensive damage to homes and buildings as well as cause the growth of mold impacting health.


The deep root systems of plants in a rain garden help reduce flooding and erosion by holding the soil in place. Rain gardens also allow water to slowly soak into the ground, rather than running off onto paved surfaces causing flooded streets and overwhelmed storm water systems. Rain gardens are planted with plants that can periodically withstand large amounts of water, and are situated close to the source of the runoff, such as near a gutter.


Planting a rain garden at your house of worship not only preserves water quality, it is a beautiful way to provide habitat for birds and butterflies. 

How to Create a Rain Garden 

Faith in Place provides assistance and support in the installation of plants for numerous rain gardens on the properties of our faith partners throughout Illinois. To learn more, please reach out to Ramont Bell by email or phone 312-733-4640 Ext. 120. 

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