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Ramont Bell Graduates from Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy

We are proud to announce that Ramont Bell, our Water Preservation Outreach Coordinator, received the Professional Certificate in Watershed Management from Purdue University. His completion of the Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy was recognized at a ceremony in Indianapolis on May 24, 2017.

Ramont Bell
Ramont Bell

The Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy builds local capacity to protect and manage water quality. Ramont Bell attended five days of training and completed nine distance education modules to complete certificate requirements, learning to engage watershed stakeholders, use innovative computer tools in watershed management, develop an effective plan, and evaluate watershed outcomes.

Jane Frankenberger, Director of the Academy and Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering said, “The graduates of the Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy are pioneers in leading watershed management programs across the State. They have committed the time and effort needed to strengthen their technical competence as well as leadership skills that are vital in bringing about water quality improvements.”

Ray's work with Faith in Place's Water Preservation Program includes assisting houses of worship with water conservation and flood prevention. In 2016, Ray worked with nine houses of worship in high flood risk regions of Chicago to distribute 576 rain barrels to community members and to construct five rain gardens. These efforts will divert 1.6 million gallons of water from sewer systems annually and decrease flooding in these areas!

For more information, please visit the Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy program website.

Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy Class of 2017
Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy Class of 2017!

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