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Lorena Goes to Washington D.C.

Dear Friend of Faith in Place,

My name is Lorena Lopez, and I am the Outreach Coordinator for Faith in Place's Energy Conservation Program.

Faith in Place is making an amazing positive difference for my community and Latino communities all across Illinois. Our environmental justice programs and advocacy are reducing air pollution and basement flooding.

As a Catholic, I am inspired by Pope Francis' recent encyclical, "On Care for Our Common Home." I'm proud that Faith in Place is continuing to enact the Pope's call for a just and sustainable future here in Illinois.

Because of Faith in Place's leadership in inspiring faithful people to lead in caring for our common home, I was invited to DC last month to represent Faith in Place in key meetings with other climate change leaders from across the nation. I met with Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga, the Cardinal of Honduras and a key adviser to Pope Francis.

We had an amazing and positive time together speaking in Spanish about Faith in Place's many accomplishments on behalf of our common home. Cardinal Rodriquez gave me a special blessing that day for my work at Faith in Place. And then we even took a selfie together!

Lorena Lopez met Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga in D.C.
Lorena Lopez met Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga in D.C.

As the mother of three children, including a daughter with asthma, I care deeply about cutting pollution so that future generations breathe clean air and drink pure water. Faith in Place serves a critical role in engaging communities of all different faiths in energy conservation, land stewardship, water preservation, and advocacy for environmental justice.

Together, with your financial support, we can change the world for justice.

You can do it! ¡Si se puede!

Thank you for your support of Faith in Place’s amazing work.

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