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Join Our Youth Eco-Ambassadors Program This Summer!

Faith in Place is looking for 10-12 youth to join us for an experiential learning program that will connect them to the natural world. The focus of the Eco-Ambassadors Program will be to develop awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of the natural resources within the city of Chicago.

Eco-Ambassadors meet State Rep. Christian Mitchell
Eco-Ambassadors meet State Rep. Christian Mitchell

Applications are due May 31, 2017.

Learn more and apply today!

About the Program

Participants will have opportunities to attend field trips to enrichment sites, engage in environmental education, learn about career opportunities related to energy conservation and the environment, and participate in community service activities. Under the instruction of the Eco-Ambassador Program Leader during the 6-week program, youth will explore how to engage members of their home faith community on environmental stewardship.

Eco-Ambassadors enjoy the sunshine by Lake Michigan
Eco-Ambassadors enjoy the sunshine by Lake Michigan.

They will help plan a project to make their faith community’s building more environmentally-friendly or the land surrounding the building more sustainable. This is a great opportunity for youth who are actively involved in their faith community’s Youth Ministry and are recognized as leaders. We are looking for youth who want to take a leadership role in raising environmental awareness and participation for other members.

Participants will receive a weekly stipend of $125 for the program, and a certificate upon completion. Faith in Place will provide an additional weekly stipend of $20.00 to students to cover some of the costs of transportation to and from the main site, and most lunches will be provided.

Participants will meet three days a week at McCormick Theological Seminary (5460 S University Ave, Chicago, IL 60615) and will receive education in a variety of environmental topics.

Eco-Ambassadors paint rain barrels.
Eco-Ambassadors paint rain barrels.

One day per week will involve going on a field trip to an important environmental enrichment site or landmark in Chicago. Participants will spend time and work with Faith in Place staff in the areas of energy and water conservation, food and sustainable land use, organizing, and advocacy. This is a great opportunity to experience some of the varying aspects of being an environmentalist.

Program Specifics:

  • 10-12 students based at McCormick Theological Seminary in Hyde Park. Travel between the home base and enrichment sites will be generally via public transportation with the costs covered by Faith in Place.

  • Ages 14 – 18 preferred (1st-year college students are welcome)

  • 6-week summer project for Youth (July 10th – August 17th)

  • Work week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (or Saturday), approximately 15-20 hours per week $125 weekly stipend

  • Daily 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (though times may vary for enrichment site days)

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