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Introducing Mark Charles – Green Team Summit Keynote Speaker

Mark Charles
Mark Charles

As members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other Indigenous people and allies protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, we are reminded of the importance of listening to the voices of indigenous people, whose voices and presence have been erased from our country’s consciousness.

Protestors cry out “Water is Life!” We stand in solidarity as people of many different faiths who are concerned about clean water and air for our communities and future generations.

We are honored to introduce Mark Charles as the keynote speaker at our Green Team Summit on September 25th. The son of an American woman (of Dutch heritage) and a Navajo man, he speaks with insight into the complexities of American history regarding race, culture, and faith in order to help forge a path of healing and conciliation for the nation.

Check out Mark’s reflections on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, and other thoughts on his blog.

Mark will briefly touch upon these current events in his keynote address and will expand upon this discussion in the workshop session that he will lead afterwards.

Mark serves as the Washington DC correspondent and regular columnist for Native News Online and is the author of the popular blog "Reflections from the Hogan." He serves on the board of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) and is a former Board of Trustee member of the Christian Reformed Church of North America (CRCNA). Mark also consults with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (CICW), has served as the pastor of the Christian Indian Center in Denver CO and is a founding partner of a national conference for Native students called “Would Jesus Eat Frybread?” (CRU, IVCF and CICW)

Mark is active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Periscope and Instagram @wirelesshogan.

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