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Save Energy & Fight Climate Change

Energy conservation is the easiest and most effective way to reduce our carbon footprint and decrease air pollution. With new technology, such as smart meters, there are resources available to help individuals and faith communities maximize energy savings to care for our Earth.

Faith in Place works to empower people of faith to understand how to use these tools to reduce their energy use and save money on their utility bills. We can assist you on the energy conservation journey at your house of worship, and multiply the impact by educating faith community members on how to conserve energy in their homes.

Contact Isioma to bring smart energy education to your faith community! We can offer a workshop, make announcements during services, or partner for education in a way that works best for your house of worship.

Sign Up for Smart Energy Programs

Both of these programs help the environment by decreasing the need for power companies to operate additional fossil-fuel burning power plants, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
(To sign up, you’ll need to know your utility account number, which can be easily found on your bill.)

Hourly Pricing

Save money on your electricity bill by signing up to pay for electricity at hourly prices.

With this program, you will have access to information about hourly price fluctuations, which vary based on demand for electricity. You will receive alerts of high prices, so you can choose to use less energy during times when prices are high in order to save money on your electricity bill!

Peak Time Savings

Sign up for this program that alerts you and pays you for using less electricity during high demand times during the summer months.

High demand times typically occur from 11 AM to 7 PM when lots of people are trying to use air conditioning. You can earn $5 to $12 credits (up to 5 times) on your utility bill for each Peak Time Day that you reduce your electricity use.


"The Smart Energy program empowers each individual and household to impact energy consumption by reducing bills while stewarding the environment. 

We can all do our part. I even heard one participant share that she went home and switched to LED bulbs!"

-Elder Sharon Louis, Green Team Leader, Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church

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