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The Problem

Communities across the world are facing the devastating impacts of climate change and environmental pollution. At Faith in Place, we work with communities to educate and empower them to take action on environmental crises. We also recognize the disproportionate burden these crises have on historically disadvantaged communities and communities of color and work to ensure justice is centered in the solutions we support. Learn about the history of environmental racism, the policies we support, and ways to take action below.

Get Involved

Host an Advocacy Champion Workshop

Actuar para apoyar soluciones climáticas basadas en la justicia.

Cambio climático

Join hundreds of people of faith and spirituality each Spring to advocate for the environment. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

Get Action Alerts

Our Policy Team will send out important advocacy alerts by email as issues arise. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

Ceniza de carbón

La ceniza de carbón es un subproducto tóxico de la quema de combustibles fósiles. Proteger a las comunidades de sus impactos tóxicos.

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