Smart Energy

Save Energy. Save Money. Fight Climate Change.

Learn how to use Hourly Pricing and Peak Time Savings programs to save money on your IL utilities below.

Save with Hourly Pricing

Save money on your electricity bill by signing up to pay for electricity at hourly prices.

With this program, you will receive alerts of high prices, so you can choose to use less energy during times when prices are high in order to save money on your electricity bill!

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This program alerts you and pays you for using less electricity during high demand times.

High demand times typically occur from 11 AM to 7 PM. You can earn $5- $12 credits (up to 5 times) on your utility bill for each Peak Time Day that you reduce your electricity use.

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Save with Peak Time Savings


"The Smart Energy program empowers each individual and household to impact energy consumption by reducing bills while stewarding the environment."

-Elder Sharon Louis, Green Team Leader, Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church