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Ultrasonic Facial Machine

This facial device is a product that cleanses the skin from the bottom up by applying "ultrasonic" waves to the face. The sound-based action has many benefits. First of all, sending ultrasonic waves activates the skin and makes it firm.

It is said to return the skin to its youthful state, making it plumper and firmer. In addition, it makes it easier to remove dirt stuck deep in the pores. It is expected to help prevent acne, dullness, and blemishes.

However, ultrasonic facial equipment is a product that has many "side effects". When side effects are present, their use is only recommended for a limited number of people. For example, a common case is people with allergies.

This product creates a "danger" when it touches the skin because the tip is made of metal. This can lead to itching, pimples, and other problems that can make your skin dirty instead of clean. If you are allergic to it, there is no point in buying it if you get skin problems just by touching it.

Ultrasonic facial equipment is also available in products that use skin-friendly titanium and stainless steel. These products have been improved to make it easier for people with allergies to use them. However, people with metal allergies should not buy these products because there is no guarantee that they will not cause problems even if the material is changed.

Therefore, I recommend that people with allergies use ultrasonic facial equipment with a silicon head, which is safe and has no side effects.

Laser facial equipment

This product can remove skin spots and dullness by shining light on the skin. For women, these symptoms are something they want to improve. When spots and dullness appear on the skin, it can make you look five to six years older.

Laser facial equipment can help you improve and eliminate such skin problems. However, many of the products sold in electronics stores are not very effective.

First of all, for home use, the power of the laser is weak and it takes time for the effect to appear. There are reports that even after a long period of use, the spots do not disappear at all. For home use, the laser power is only about one-third of that used in cosmetic surgery. This makes it difficult to remove blemishes and dullness, and there is a risk of them appearing in reverse if the product is used for a long period of time.

In addition, the price of this product is high and often sells for nearly 100,000 yen. With such a high price, some people are attracted by its effectiveness and durability. However, for the price, there is a drawback that they tend to break down quickly, with many "failures".

If it breaks down in a few months, you will lose money instead of gaining the benefits. If you want to clean up your skin in a short period of time, it is better to have it done at a cosmetic surgery or clinic.

Products you should not buy Tria laser facial equipment skin aging eye care laser around eyes sagging wrinkles lines pores.

Radiofrequency (RF) facial equipment

This is a facial device with a name that is not often heard. It works by applying radiofrequency (RF) waves to the skin, which are emitted by the product, to produce a positive effect on the skin. The heat warms the skin from underneath, activating metabolism and blood circulation.

As a result, there are expectations that swelling, spots, and dullness will disappear. However, radio frequency facial appliances also have side effects that you should not buy.

Like ultrasonic facial equipment, it uses a metal head, so you need to be careful about "allergies". In the case of radiofrequency facial equipment, there are several "prohibited areas". There are some products that prohibit use in the eye area (upper eyelids), ears, neck area, and wounds.

When purchasing and using a product, it is best to use a product that can be used in as wide an area as possible.