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ACS150 Mini own, 3 stage Input variable rate own (VSD)

The ACS150 brings a degree of programmability to the mini own. Programs is through specifications organized with each other into simple to comply with rational teams, and organized into a 2 degree food selection (brief and lengthy see). An integrated inexpensive keypad enables accessibility to these specifications, and to the food selections connected with diagnostics and recommendation altering.

The ACS150 comes total with analogue and electronic I/O to permit the own to be wired for your manage system. A 10V recommendation is offered to be utilized as an outside rate recommendation, and the own has an integrated PID controller, to acs150 03u 04a1 4permit procedure variables like stress, stream, temperature level to be regulated without outside gadgets, link up an appropriate 4-20ma sensing unit. The specification establish enables electric motor security, set regularities and avoid regularities to be set up, in addition to a variety of various other helpful manage and upkeep works.

The electric motor manage is scalar manage, so appropriates for easy applications without the require for precise rate or torque manage, like solitary follower and pumps, easy conveyors and easy devices. The integrated PID controller enables the own to manage any type of quantifiable variable, and the diagnostics make device upkeep simpler.

Functions and advantages:

No complicated programs, easy integrated keypad with lengthy or brief food selection see

Manage through I/O, Integrated in 10 V ref for outside potentiometer manage

Integrated in PID controller

Integrated in Stopping chopper as basic, transforming kinetic power to stopping acs150 03u 04a1 4power (outside resistor required)

Accel and Decel ramp prices, set regularities offered to program

As it's a VSD, electric motor security is on-board, overcurrent, overvoltage, overloads all consisted of

Safeguards electric motor outcome and electric motor mis-wiring, the own records a mistake when power is linked to the electric motor terminals

Covered boards consisted of as basic, safeguard versus wetness and aggressive bits

Aboard potentiometer for easy rate manage

Little small dimension with essential EMC filter

Several installing setups: wall surface or DIN Rail, back or side, IP20 ranked

Combined elevation and deepness throughout the dimensions makes cupboard develop acs150 03u 04a1 4simple (cable television trays run parallel)

Can be configured in package with FlashDrop device (supply no.621-1329), enabling quick and simple own set up and commissioning for quantity production without having to use power to the own

The ABB logo design clip can likewise be eliminated for OEM's wanting to brand name tag

ABB ACS150 owns bring a variety of advantages:

Integrated in PID controller for managing grow variables

Enhances electric motor rate manage compared acs150 03u 04a1 4with DOL

Integrated in keypad simple to utilize

Assists to remove beginning and quiting issues

Might be networked with various other automation devices (through I/O)

Advanced electric motor security and manage

Advanced upkeep sets off

Solitary stage provide managing a 3 stage electric motor


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