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Harmful Effects of Raw Meat for your ESA Cats - Guide

What does ESA stand for and what is its main purpose?

An emotional support animal also known as ESA is any kind of animal that helps humans to relieve stress and helps in relieving the symptoms or effects of an individual's disability. There are no defined species of animals that fall in the category of ESA and the owners can have whichever animal they want. An emotional support animal letter is a document that is given to the owner of the animal by a licensed mental health professional. The ESA letter also states that these animals are important for the mental health of their owners as they reduce their stress and help them deal with problems like depression. This letter also enables the owner to carry their pets along with them wherever they are traveling to. They can even carry their ESA animals in planes as the esa letter allows it for the safety of the owner.

How to take care of these animals?

Most of the time the owners of these animals are extremely possessive about their animals and they spend a huge amount of money on keeping these ESA healthy. Cats and dogs are the most common emotional support animals found in the United States. Owners of hypoallergenic dogs have to take extra of their dogs as they are at more risk of getting sick. These are the dogs that shed little or no fur and that is why there is a higher risk of allergic bacteria staying in their fur. The owners of these animals should ensure that they regularly take their animals/pets to a vet so that no compromise is made on their health. But before you keep an ESA you need an esa letter for housing.

Effects of raw meat on cats?

Feeding raw food to any living thing will have its drawbacks. Since most people keep cats as pets or emotional support animals they should always try their best to feed them the best cat food available in the market. Cat food from different companies is easily available in all markets and giving this to your cats has many advantages. It is believed by most of the vets that giving hard kibbles to cats enables them to keep their teeth healthy and prevents any kind of plague. As discussed earlier that if you want to keep a dog or a cat as an ESA you need an emotional support dog letter or ESA letter for a cat respectively.

If owners prefer giving raw meat to their cats this can lead to many harmful effects which include:

Bacterial infections in the cats

Mostly the emotional support animal owners think that these cats are predators like their other relatives such as Tigers and Lions. They believe that feeding them raw meat will help them grow naturally and will keep them healthy. What they do not know is that feeding raw meat to ESA can lead to many problems. Non-heated processed meat has a higher risk of being infected by bacteria or a virus. Once the food is cooked the bacteria and other harmful germs are killed but these bacteria can stay alive in uncooked meat. If the cats consume raw meat they can get bacterial infections such as internal parasites and salmonellosis. This can also lead to other problems such as vomiting, fever, weakness, and diarrhea in cats.

Feeding raw fish

Another food that is commonly given to cats is raw fish. It is believed that raw fish is more harmful to cats compared to raw meat. Research has shown that there is an enzyme in raw fish that destroys thiamine in your cats which is important for the health of these animals. This is an essential Vitamin B that is used by cats for their neurological functions. The destruction of thiamine can lead to neurological problems in the cats and they can suffer conditions like coma and convulsions.

If you are still wondering how to get an ESA letter then do not worry you can an esa letter online.

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