Sustainable Food and Land Use

“Do not be afraid to be—differences teach. Do not be afraid to sing your heart’s song to earth with honor and love. Walk gently, sing loudly, teach.” ~Lone Wolf, Chirichawa Apache

Many of our faith traditions say something about our relationship to the land, how we eat, what we eat, how to grow food and how to give thanks for it, and how to treat it with respect. We encourage congregations to incorporate good practices at their own facilities including native plant landscaping, and incorporation of gardens and food growing projects wherever they can. Take a look and let us know which of these programs seems most suited for your congregation.

Monarchs, Migration, Birds, and Me
This program links the human stories of migration in congregations and to the migration of local fauna like birds and butterflies. We offer opportunities for congregation groups to get out into nature and to help with local conservation efforts in order to welcome our local migrants when they return. Contact Veronica Kyle for more information.

Winter Farmer's Markets
Faith in Place partners with fifteen or more congregations each winter, from November through March, to organize one-time Winter Farmers Markets. These markets bring local, sustainable goods like eggs, meat, cheese, honey and seasonal produce to communities in the Chicago area, and they provide a source of income for farmers in the off-season. Sign up to receive email updates about market locations and offerings prior to each one.

Congregationally Supported Agriculture
FiP works with two congregations: Vernon Park's Mother Carr's Farm on the Southside of Chicago, and the Sola Gratia Farm in Urbana. These congregations have created their own sustainable farms and sell the proceeds through Community (or in our case, Congregationally) Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. Click the links to find out more or contact Brian for Urbana or Veronica for Chicago.

Just Eating
Learn about our religious responsibility to understand more about where our food comes from and how it’s grown, and to shift to local, humane and sustainable sources with the Just Eating Curriculum and bible study. Contact Veronica Kyle today for more information and to have Faith in Place lead reflections.

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