Welcome to the Faith in Place Milestone Program website!

By enrolling in this program you are making a commitment, not only to the Earth, but to our living, breathing community of congregations who learn, work and advocate with each other. Here you will find the resources you need to build your green team, and then to take action at many different levels of difficulty in a variety of areas.

You can come as you are. Whether beginning, partway down the path, or a congregation that has truly mastered the art of living green and is ready to share what they know with others, this program is for you. You will find resources here to create a moving worship service that reflects our celebration of this beautiful planet, or resources to change the lighting at your congregation. Wherever you are in your green program you will find something here that helps you to take the next step.

And by enrolling as a Milestone Congregation you are also making a commitment to share what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve learned with us at Faith in Place, and to make that annual enrollment donation a part of your congregation’s ministry. Both the information about what you’re engaged in and the financial support are important to us in achieving long-term sustainability and building a powerful movement of faithful people to care for our part of the Earth.

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The About page includes a program description and outlines program expectations for both the congregation and Faith in Place. It will give you a comprehensive picture of what the Milestone Program entails.


As more congregation join the Milestone Program and take on green projects, we’ll keep a record of some here. In the “Inspiration” section, you’ll find stories of struggle and success from other greening congregations. Looking for ideas? Support? We hope their stories will serve as, well, inspiration!

Projects & Resources

This is the part everyone is interested in! In this section, you will find oodles of project ideas and green resources. It’s also password protected – Milestone Congregations only! Once we receive your registration, we will send you the password so you can get in and start planning some projects.


Ready to enroll your congregation in the program? Great! The online and offline registration form is found in this section.

Contact Us

Questions? Concerns? Find any and all appropriate contact information here.