Mission Statement

Dancing HarvestDancing to Sikh Bangara music at our annual Harvest Celebration (Garfield Park Conservatory, 2003)

Faith in Place inspires religious people of diverse faiths to care for the Earth through connection, education, and advocacy.

Since 1999, Faith in Place has partnered with over 900 congregations in Illinois—Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Zoroastrian, Baha’i and Unitarian Universalist. We're also part of the national Interfaith Power & Light campaign.

Our mission is to help people of faith understand that issues of ecology and economy—of care for Creation—are at the forefront of social justice. At Faith in Place we believe in housing the homeless, feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. But even if we do all those things, and love our brothers and sisters with our whole heart, it will not matter, if we neglect the ecological conditions of our beautiful and fragile planet.

As temperatures rise and fossil fuel supplies fall, the burden of climate change and scarcity will land primarily on the poor, and eventually will come home to us all. We must practice love and justice in the way we use the ecological commons of air, water and soil. We must be willing to make sacrifices for a sustainable economy.

The way we relate to the smallest species, to the tiniest stream and to the least powerful of our human brothers and sisters will define our relationship with our world and the One who placed us here. These are serious matters of faith. It will take many willing and open hearts to develop a daily sustainable practice. We welcome your congregation to join us.